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Rachel M. W. ~ born August 1992. No longer residing in Tofino, B,C. Living to discover the bigger picture without any real initiative. Follow me on instagram:: rooachie

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Never x.
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This is the epic swimming pool building at Grossinger’s Resort in Liberty, NY.  Grossinger’s was the premier go-to location for the Ashkenazi Jewish communities of New York City during the heyday of the Borscht Belt hotels; a family I met on the bus in Brooklyn fondly recalled weeks spent at the resort every summer.  In the winter, it was a skiing destination most famous for creating the process for making artificial snow.  The resort closed its doors for good in 1986.
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I can see you love the pain you’ve planted inside of me. It just makes me wonder how I could have thought I knew you for so long. You’re not even capable of love or hate or remorse or empathy.. You don’t have emotions at all. I am a fool for not seeing the red flags waving in my face.

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heat of the moment (x)
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The Piano (1993)
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(Nicole’s face in the background)
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