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Rachel M. W. ~ born August 1992. No longer residing in Tofino, B,C. Living to discover the bigger picture without any real initiative and a morbid fascination.

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Lung sand castle


Just know it was you all along that had a hold of my heart but the demon in me was a best friend from the start

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this is stunning.
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Paintings in the works

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Bas Jan Ader, Fall II, Amsterdam, 1970.
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I was proven wrong and can still find places on the mainland that give me the same feelings I felt towards nature in Tofino. However, the disrespect from the people who visit this lake is appalling. People have demonstrated the epitome of laziness through their actions here. Garbage and empties have been strewn everywhere. I did my part in removing the damage we had done, but there is still endless amounts of cleaning left to do from other visitors. It’s not difficult to pick up after yourself. Just because it is inconvenient for you, doesn’t mean the next person is going to pick up your shit. You have no right to be there at all if your intention is to leave traces of your disgusting laziness and disrespect behind. It may seem tedious but things don’t just decompose that easily, and burning your garbage isn’t much better. If you love our planet and hope to continue living here and making yourself at home, take your damn shoes off at the door and thank your hosts.


Artist Tanaka Tatsuya uses everyday objects to create delightful, miniature dioramas each day for his series Miniature Calendar.

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Christoffel van Sichem II The Younger, Memento Mori (The Boy In The Skeleton), ca. 1650.
are you finally happy? asked by Anonymous

I have always been happy.