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Rachel M. W. ~ born August 1992. Residing in Tofino, B,C. Living to discover the bigger picture without any real initiative.

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If you wanted people to stop talking about it then you wouldn't answer the anons rachel. you're fueling the fire in your own way. asked by Anonymous

I like answering :) im interested in what people have to say. I’m not too concerned about it to the point that it affects my life. I’m just a little curious why people bring up things about my past life that I have forgotten. But thank you for the advice! Much appreciated.


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Cosmic Skull by Terry Fan.
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you know what ill forever remember about you? first meeting you. at columbia valley music festival. You asked me if i was friends with sam from bertha cool cause you had a big girl crush on her and it's just stuck with me forever and i think it's a pretty darn good story. asked by smallgreenshrub

That is such a good story!! And a good memory :) yay

evs gf is a piece of work too, he fucked up royally lettin u go, she is a fake bitch asked by Anonymous

Ah we didn’t get along, they suit each other with that grungy greasy thing the young kids do these days. Definitely better off.. I really wish people would stop talking about it though I’ve truly forgotten that part of my life existed..

How can you still love someone when they’ve burned you, set you astray, betrayed you, and looked down upon you for doing what’s right.. all whilst being subjected to this human weakness¬†

I wish I could help you, but I know now that I have to just let it go.

i heard ev is stealing shit from ppl in mtl and selling it for drug money so, you really dodged a bullet on that scumbag. asked by Anonymous

oh jesus, that sounds so awful. sometimes what you hear isn’t true though, i truly hope its not! that’d be sad¬†

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A boy left his bike chained to a tree when he went away to war in 1914. He never returned, leaving the tree no choice but to grow around the bike. Photographer Unknown

this is absolutely beautiful
ive reblogged this before and ill do it again..
Have things settled down with men now? no more tofino boy? no more band boy? whats your take on having a musician boyfriend anyways? also are you working as a housekeeper, if so, how is that going for you? asked by Anonymous

I’m not too focused on men right now, I’ll find him eventually. Or rather, he will find me. Tofino boys are cheaters. Musicians have only one priority in mind (their music). You should never doubt anything, and if you do then end it like I should have long ago. No longer housekeeping, I felt like I was not appreciated for the work I was doing. I started dish washing at a new restaurant in Tofino, and now I’m 2nd cook and enjoying it very much. :)

To slimy people

When I look down at my feet these days,
My toes are curling over the edge of a cliff
And strong hands are flat against my bare back
But there’s never a moment where I want to lean forward,
Never a moment where I desire the darkness beneath

Because someday you will be the one down there
Your fingers reaching out for mine
Wrongfully hoping I’ll soar down to meet them
And you will never feel so alone.

Betrayal will become your best friend.
You will have so much in common,
But you’ll remember what brought you here
And you will never feel so alone.

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